Ear Gauges: The New Form Of Sagging


Regina Kwon, Staff Writer (9)

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  While the main concern of tattoos takes place, people are buzzing about the topic of ear gauging, or stretching. Since there can be several ways a procedure of body piercing can prevail, ear lobe stretching can be quite an experience, according to the various types of people who come in and get it done. From pop to alternative rock, musicians and rising stars have already received gauges in their ears. Everywhere you turn you can see a female or a male with a single tiny pierce in their ears. But do you recall times where you’ve seen a much more extended ear lobe with a bigger “jewel” inside? According to the consumers who have committed to the ear gauging, they seem to have a better choice of selection in ear jewelry and feel that even the ones with just a regular piercing in their ear can’t beat the different size and design of the gauge structure! However, inserting the jewel can be a much more different experience.

  Ear lobe stretching can be a memorable thing considering the fact that you have to be taking proper care of it. Because of over-sizing the ear to its capabilities, people with gauged ears have to reach out for medical help if they absolutely need it. Since the results for most are similar, some can conclude that ear stretching isn’t the right forte for them. The age for gauging ears differs in all parts of the world, but so will the request for it.  Currently, in the piercing world, the motto “Start small to end up somewhere big” really comes in handy when being introduced to ear gauges. The relation between ear piercing and piercings in general, is that the puncture of the ear extends from millimeters to inches.

    People find ear gauges a very unique thing to be apart of, and somehow it fascinates them to the point where their button gets pushed. With ear lobe gauging, you really can’t go back, just like a tattoo. For example, if someone with gauged ears didn’t want to take responsibility for them anymore, he/she may want to stop stretching out their ear lobes and he/she might stop inserting jewelry into the open holes as well. With this complete halt, they might have their ear lobes back together, although it is still not guaranteed. Depending on the size of the gauge and your skin’s elasticity, the results may end up in several different ways. The reverse for this depends usually among the ear’s ability and how big it got stretched. But if there are reasons why ear gauging isn’t what you want any longer, then the gateway to originality in your earlobes is slightly open. That is why it’s important to think about your decision profoundly and precisely beforehand.

   The types of material ear gauges provide are metal, organic (a major favorite of many), and inorganic. These are the base of what they are actually made out of. Along with this comes styles of particular structure of gauges such as spirals, bolts and screws, and flared. They allow the “fit” to feel individual in their own way on the ear. In the process of stretching out the ear, the material such as metal, organic, and inorganic definitely contribute to the way it looks and retains its shape inside of the ear. Generally speaking, the laid out options you have to consider are endless.

   Many others today are buzzing and questioning about the need to get gauged. While some may be terribly frightened by the fact that their ears are no longer “pure”, it has been a major wow factor in peoples’ minds. However, the issue about it really doesn’t come in handy until you actually get them stretched. The ones who highly support the idea of ear lobe stretching and its abilities make their way around their cities and towns very proudly and sometimes rebelliously. There are so many ways to pierce the ear, maybe not even on the ear lobe. But that’s another situation to get into. The list can go on and on, but the way someone views it can too.

   The pain for an ear gauge varies for everyone. There is constant change in ear piercing, but ear gauges go way back. It’s a quite beautiful history to look upon because of its diversity. Mainly some can be forced to do this certain act; others are awed by it and actually want it done for them. It’s a spectacular performance from your own self because most importantly, you have to trust yourself.

   When deciding to get an ear gauge done, be sure to be prepared beforehand and read some personal experiences and information about it too. Because of the drive of ear lobe gauging, it has become something to talk about and find some background details behind. Even though constant stretching to keep a wider hole in the ear may be a topic of concern for a few, it comes in conclusion that most can infer their true opinions about it as well. Ear lobe stretching is becoming the next phenomena as of right now, next to taboo and other “unrealistic” influences of the body. Due to serious religious point of views all over the world, there is no doubt others can view this oppositely. As a result, people will have their own ideas about you and how you present yourself no matter what you represent. Ear lobe stretching seems to be one of those “iffy” subjects nowadays, but few will know the sacrifice one really makes.

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Ear Gauges: The New Form Of Sagging