A New Challenger Approaches

Andrew Borba (12th), Reporter

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Pitman and Turlock High School are deciding to team up over mutual love of the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Me and other members of the Pitman video games club went over to Turlock High to test the waters if the two schools could form a relationship and work close together to make cross school tournaments and bolster the local Super Smash Bros. scene.

The current scene for Super Smash Bros. competitive play (and fighting games in general) is lacking in Turlock, so this partnership will help foster a new generation of competitive Smash players and increase the skill of the current player base. Central California in general isn’t as big as the much big Northern and Southern California scenes when it comes to fighting games.

Central California is also seen as weaker so this will help with catching up to our Southern and Northern California brothers.

There is some skill disparity between the two schools, for example (don’t mean to brag here) I’m the best player in Pitman and I couldn’t even take a game off the best player at Turlock High School. Granted he plays competitively and much more often than me, but other than that the schools are more or less evenly matched when it comes to skill. This allows all of us to get better together, as the best way to learn in fighting games is to play people of similar skill level and bounce ideas off each other to get better.

We have already agreed to start meeting occasionally on Thursday’s to start training on a regular basis. This will allow us to grow a community and attract more people to both clubs.

Fighting games are built on community and players coming together to get better. The meaning behind fighting games is to have people getting better together.

Turlock doesn’t have much of a scene, however Pitman’s partnership with Turlock High School shows that there can be one. It’s an exciting time in the Central Valley FGC (fighting game community) to have the next generation of players rise up.

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A New Challenger Approaches