Faith, Family, Freedom, and Final Thoughts

Rylee Moore (12th), Reporter

 After admitting her pro-choice stance on abortion, conservative talk show host, Tomi Lahren, was suspended from her show on The Blaze until further notice.

Lahren’s inflammatory remarks against liberals and millennials, or “snowflakes” as she would call them, gained her abundant popularity on social media, and she has become a sort of idol for conservative millennials, especially women. However, Lahren’s fan base in predominantly pro-life and conservative, and her comments did not sit well with them. Some voiced their dismay via social media.

@rekon345 tweeted, “@TomiLahren @paulafaris @TheView Shame you sold out for approval of a few random ladies on an irrelevant TV show. Attention seeking Tomi.” and @encryptedcrypt tweeted, “@TomiLahren I used to be a big fan and was rooting  for your rise. But unfortunately I can’t stand by someone that supports such an atrocity.”

Lahren’s made said comments during an appearance on The View, implying that to be a proponent of limited government but not reproductive freedom would make her a hypocrite, explaining “Stay out of my guns and you can stay out of my body as well”.

While Lahren has not formally responded to her suspension, she recently tweeted, “No one hunts small deer. This too shall pass”, as well as thanking fans on Twitter for supporting her through this bump in the road.

Because Lahren’s contract with the network is up in September, she may not return to the show at all, according  to sources cited on The Blaze’s website. Blaze founder, Glenn Beck, also implied on his radio show that he wouldn’t stop a person from working at his company due to their political beliefs. He stated,

“First of all, we have a whole bunch of different kinds of people that work here.”

Beck also claimed that he disagreed with Lahren’s comment that pro-life conservatives are “hypocrites”.

Beck made no direct comments on Lahren’s future with the network and her suspension remains indefinite.