New Thor Trailer Hammers Its Way Home

Tyler Davis (12th), Reporter

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The recently released Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer gave Marvel fans across every social media platform imaginable a nice surprise with it’s surprising and interesting blend of comic book plotlines.

Here is a short synopsis of the trailer as a whole. Hela, the Norse god of the underworld, invades Asgard and basically starts the Norse version of the mythological end of times. Defeated by Hela, Thor is captured by alien beings and forced to fight in gladiatorial combat. In the arena Thor gets a chance meeting with his old friend Hulk.

The visuals and tone of the trailer are bright and visually appealing in the same kind of way that you would come to expect from Guardian of the Galaxy. With the film’s similar setting it would be no surprise if Thor Ragnarok takes that kind of style and put it’s own unique twist on it.

The trailer displayed bits and pieces of the plot and it seems like fans of multiple franchises will be satisfied with this film. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the plot’s connections to comic book storylines.

Within the first few moments of the trailer we see a shocking sight, Hela shatters Thor’s hammer with little to no effort. Throughout the series of Marvel movies the viewers have seen Thor tackle anything from other gods and ancient evils to aliens and robots.

Each time Thor bested the challenges thrown at him with the help from his hammer and his fellow Avengers, but this time we see him deprived of his source of power.

This sequence ties nicely into one of Marvel’s recent storyline in the comic books where Thor becomes unworthy and thus unfit to wield his hammer. This causes Thor’s character to grow and learn to be independent of the powers of his hammer. It will be interesting to see where they take this storyline in the cinematic universe.

The other scene that people have been talking about lately is the introductory scene for Hulk. Placed into a Colosseum of sorts by his captors, Thor is prepared to fight the other gladiator until he sees that the opposing gladiator is the Hulk.

This film will be tying in another comic book storyline entitled, Planet Hulk. In the Planet Hulk storyline, Hulk is captured by beings from another planet and forced to fight in bloody battles for the entertainment of the planet’s inhabitants. That is until Hulk breaks free, overthrows the planet’s rulers, and is made the new ruler.
Thor Ragnarok seems like it is building up to be a great mash up movie between some of Marvel’s most interesting characters and storylines from the past few years and if the trailer is anything to go by then this film will be one to be remembered.

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New Thor Trailer Hammers Its Way Home