Distinguished Young Junior Women of Turlock (A Great Chance to Earn a Scholarship)


Nicole Azof (12th), Reporter

Calling all Junior students of Pitman High, the Distinguished Young Women of Turlock (Junior Miss) is coming in February. What is the Distinguished Young Women scholarship program you may ask? Why, it’s a fun and engaging experience that not only provides the chance to win a scholarship, but also gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and show others your best and true self.

You will do a lot of fun and amazing things during this program. You will be attending the Dance Academy in Turlock. Nicole Macedo is one of the main girls that will be training the junior students and helping them prepare for the showcase. You will be judged during the showcase, and receive different scholarships based on these categories: Academics, exercise (which will be part of a dance you will be taught to do), talent, interview, self-expression, and spirit. Yes, you can could even win a scholarship for having spirit! Go online to the website, distinguishedyw.org/ and register now!

Don’t be scared. I know it can be frightening to go up on a stage and have to perform for lots of people, not to mention performing in front of the judges, but trust me, once you get up on that stage, you’ll forget all your worries, and you’ll realize this was one of the greatest decisions you have ever made! Take it from me; last year I participated in the program, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Saturday mornings from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., I would go to the Turlock Dance Academy and meet up with the new friends I’ve made at the program and we would start practicing our exercise dance and talent categories. It was great; everyone was supportive of each other, and you know what, none of us didn’t see it as a scholarship competition. On the day of the showcase, we all talked to each other and said, “It doesn’t matter who wins the scholarship, I don’t even care if I win the scholarship, I’m just glad that I did this and met all of you guys, now let’s go out there and show those judges the best girls we can be!” I myself, didn’t win a scholarship. Was I upset? Sure I was. I was sad that I didn’t win any of the scholarships provided, but then I realized there are other ways for me to get scholarships for college. I have to say, you might not win a scholarship, but at the end you’ll realize that the scholarship isn’t the most important thing. So don’t be too upset if you don’t win the scholarship.

So there you have it, all the great reasons to participate in the Distinguished Young Junior Women Scholarship program. Junior students have until February 7th to register, so take this time to consider doing the program. You won’t regret it