Powderpuff 2018!

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Powderpuff 2018!

Alondra Rodriguez (9th), Reporter

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Powderpuff is the game where the school decides to switch things up a little. On this day, junior and senior girls play flag football against each other.  Meanwhile, junior and senior boys cheer and perform for halftime.

The girls and boys practiced separately for a few days and on the day of the game they get to show off their hard work and time spent after school.

Marissa Ramirez, a senior and a cheerleader here at Pitman High School, participated in powderpuff. She had a lot of fun last year on the junior team so she decided to do it again in her senior year.

“We only had three practices because of the rain and, I mean, we kind of already knew what we were doing so that’s all we had. The practices were fun. It was like team bonding a lot of the times because we would help each other out and think of everything we were going to do on game day,” said Marissa.

On December 3rd, both junior and senior classes finally versed each other.  At the end of the first quarter, neither team scored so it was hard to predict about who was going to win by the end of the game. When the second quarter ended, the seniors were winning twenty-two to six.

Then, it was finally time for the halftime performance.  As everyone’s attention was directed towards them, the boys walked out there rallying and performed. They were extremely entertaining as they stunted and threw people in the air. They danced to a variety of songs and they made every person in the stands and on the sidelines smile and laugh, especially with their amazing dancing skills. It was fun to see what they put out there because not everyone can do what the cheerleaders can.

After the third quarter the score was thirty-five to six, seniors ahead. At this point, everyone thought the seniors were going to win. And they were right.

The seniors won with a score of forty-three to twelve just as many predicted. Even though the juniors were kind of bummed that they lost, everyone had a fun time.

According to Marissa, it is a lot harder than it seems to play out there on the field because, “you don’t know what the other team has to put forward in the game.”

Probably like the rest of the seniors, Marissa was very confident that they were going to win.

“It was definitely a fun experience. It was fun to go back with all of my friends and play together like we did last year. We had a few new girls too so it was nice to see how they put up out on the field. I’m usually a cheerleader so it was really exciting to be out on the field for a change.”

Overall, this years powderpuff seemed to be a fun experience for all the juniors and seniors that participated. It was certainly entertaining and fun to watch the girls play and the guys cheer.

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