What Schools Should Really Be Teaching Us


Tim Sanchez (11th), Reporter

Most Schools have a educational curriculum that is considered basic and rudimentary. While many other curriculum are seen as superior and advanced. The subjects that are being learned in School are not what students expected.

While some students demand that the educational system needs to raised to another levels in order to compete with other countries. The intelligence of students who study in this country is still being built from the ground up with many not even attending school but are either being homeschooled or dropping out.

According to the US Department of Education, ninety-one percent of Pre-K-12th grade students attend school. This represents that a greater majority of the United States is connected with education. The system is divided by people who would accept education as a general practice rather than a minor practice.

School is more than just the educational system and all the overpowering work that students are expected to do on a day to day basis. It is the staff and the students. The Teachers and Principles. Those are what makes up a school and that is what makes up a society of successful individuals. Instead of the usual subjects that Students are likely to forget about once they graduate and entrust themselves with responsibility.

Most Students do not reach College level and are therefore considered lower than the Students who possess a high IQ. These Students shall not be looked upon. For they soon will become leaders and will also make a change in lives. The students who look towards their education will always become the greatest of scholars who will discover more that is yet to be premiered.

School has given many the impression that everything will be validated to the students from grades 1-12. The people will be able to look back in the years that they reach maturity and will see their development that they have made throughout the years.

There are so many students that are promised job opportunities and future windows that are to be opened when they are out of that phase.

Normally each subject has a so called limit that educators could either cross or stay within those limits if they are requested by the higher staff that they are under. In High School in the four years many are subjected to a building up of cognition aka knowledge building. What will students remember when they descend from their past stage as students into young adults?

Teachers wonder whether their students are actually paying attention to what is being taught. The students who actually show some respect to the hard work the Teacher put in to be able to present what they think should be taught in the schools are attentive.

Schools should provide what the real world is not preparing. The students who learn even the ones that don’t will be found as one with the world. We expect to Schools to adapt more adult learning tactics in order to reach the level that the students expect. The subjects taught in School are fascinating but they are audiences to read.

It may seem appealing to the Teacher but the audience notices that it’s to the students mandatory. They are sedentary in their seats but what Schools should teach us is instruction towards the future.