Swimming to 2019 Sectionals!


Caitlyn Cavanaugh (9th), Reporter

Splish, splash. That’s the sound that water makes… sometimes. You use water to clean floors. Just like the Pitman Swim Team “wiped the floor” with the other teams.

Every year, the arduous efforts of the Pitman Boys’ Swim Team materializes, as they partake in the prestigious annual event, Sectionals.

The meet lasted two days, where varsity swimmers were divided into three sections based on location, and gathered to compete with those in their same section. Pitman representatives were stationed in the Sac-Joaquin division, and Sectionals pose as the final obstacle before the three leading contenders advance to the State tournament.

Each participant must place in their event in order to qualify and advance. They devote two to three hours daily to attain this objective, and the training is not for the faint of heart. Team members power through hours of strenuous physical exertion and endless repetition to train, but find themselves ultimately rewarded when all is said and done.

“You just gotta keep on keepin’ on,” said senior, Nolan Lok.

The countless hours together and synchronicity in suffering has allowed the team to develop a close-knit family that aims to aid one another in this endeavor.

“There isn’t really one best team member, I’d say we’re all the best because we’re all there to support each other,” said senior, Ethan Woodruff.

“The people are amazing, it’s a fun sport, and you don’t sweat,” said Lok.