Disney Plus Review

Disney Plus Review

Olivia Allen (12th), Reporter

Attention all Disney lovers! The day has finally come, we as Disney fans, finally have a streaming service that will play all Disney movies and shows, past and present. The service was launched on November 12th in the U.S and in Australia on the 19th of November. It was a long wait, but we finally have our Disney back!

The service has over 500 movies and 7,500 tv shows, which includes everything from the classics like Snow White to originals like the The Mandalorian. It cost only $6.99 a month and for a whole year it cost $69.99. Disney plus includes everything owned by the company, such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. 

However, not everything about Disney plus is appeasing its long-time fans… For instance, the streaming service, while including a feature to add items to your watchlist, does not include a feature where anything a subscriber has started watching can be easily accessed. This ‘Continue Watching’ section can found on other popular streaming services including Netflix and Hulu, Disney plus’s  main competitors.

Many true Disney fans may argue though that other streaming service cannot be compared to Disney plus because their content is completely different and entirely exclusively. It offers fans a chance to re-watch their childhood and them to be able to share those childhood shows with friends, parents, and children. 

Some of the features offered are being able to have a watch list, where you can place movies and tv shows that you are going to watch on a later date. This is pretty cool since instead of searching for the movie or tv show, you can just go to the watchlist and find what you were looking for. Another feature is the originals category on the menu. This section allows the person to see all original content made by Disney plus that wasn’t available until the streaming service was launched.  

What’s also really cool about this is that unlike netflix, Disney plus won’t play the movie/tv show automatically. This is neat because it won’t spoil anything for the viewer and the noise won’t disturb anyone working nearby. Disney plus also has better quality, especially when watching old tv shows an movies. This is great because it makes it better and easier to watch what’s on the screen. 

I wanted to see what other people thought of this so I decided to interview Senior Alyssa Robinson.

 When asking her if she was a fan she replied saying, “ Yes, I am a fan of it because I’m able to watch all my childhood movies and even tv shows for a lot cheaper than going out and buying a DVD.”  

I also asked what her favorite thing about it was and if she would recommend this for others. She said, “ I would recommend it to others because if they are a Disney fan like me then they will enjoy it. My favorite thing about Disney plus would be watching all the new and old movies and TV shows.”  

Disney plus is a fun and child friendly service overall. It’s a streaming service people of all ages can have and will use often. Personally I like the streaming service and would recommend to others if asked. It is an overall great service for everyone and highly recommended.