Visit New York

Visit New York

Karla Lara (9th), Reporter

There are a lot of different things you can do in New York; you can learn about new things and try out new things. One place you can go when you go to New York is called Stroll The High Line.  There you will find Chelsea Park and Garden, built on old train tracks, which provides a perfect respite for a walking space set between the adventurous skyscrapers of the western side of Manhattan.

Other things you can do is walk around at night time and see the big buildings, the lights, and the beautiful weather.  Seeing so many new things is exciting and it’s a good time to walk around with your family or friends.  An important site to go see is the 9/11 Memorial Museum. You can also go visit the Statue Of Liberty; and the Brooklyn Bridge is a nice place to go see because you can see everything from there and you can see how beautiful New York actually is.

For me New York is my dream vacation place because I have never been there before and because it looks so nice and the colleges there are good.  My cousins and I really want to go to college there – or maybe just go visit .

I asked my cousin Jasmin how she felt about New York and she said that she wants to go to New York and see how it feels to live in that beautiful place; she wants to see everything in New York. One place she really wants to go visit is the Empire State Building because of the view and she really wants to check out colleges – one being York College and Columbia College.

I ask my other cousin Kayla on why she thinks New York is pretty great and she said that she likes how you can walk around at night instead of using cars – she thinks that’s pretty fun.  The Museum of Modern Art is also somewhere she would like to visit in New York because she really loves art and seeing new things.  Times Square is also on her list of to-dos because you can go shopping. And those are some things my cousins would love to go visit New York.