Preparing for Finals: Tips and Tricks


Kareli Gutierrez (12th), Reporter

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and that means that semester finals for students are also going to be quickly upon us. Students feel and understand the importance of these days and start to get stressed out because they may not know how to handle it. Therefore, in this article, I am going to talk about some ways students can get prepared for Finals.

One of the first things is to prepare ahead of time. Many students wait until the last minute to start studying for their Finals which puts a lot of pressure and stress on the students. Starting early, 1-2 weeks, is a great way to guarantee that students will be able to go through all their material in time for their Finals.

Also, a teacher once said to spread out the time when studying as the brain can only take in so much. This means to maybe study for 20 and then take a break. This way the brain is able to take in information more easily.

The next tip for preparing for finals is sleep. Many students have heard their parents and teachers say to them that the students need to have a good night’s sleep before school and although students might dismiss it, it can be vital during Finals week. The brain is able to relax and process the information better.

Fourth, ask a teacher if you have questions on any of your material. It may be intimidating or scary to ask a teacher for help or you may just feel nervous, but know that teachers are there to help. They will be glad to help you in any way that you need it. They want their students to pass their class. This will benefit you immensely

In order to get a better understanding of how to study during Finals, I asked a senior if they had any tips in order to study for Finals. What better way to know than from students themselves.

Simon Striplin, a senior at Pitman high School, explained his tips for studying and his advice for freshmen about finals by saying, “For studying I usually make flashcards or read back on the notes we take throughout the year. For tips, I’d say always make flashcards and study them so your brain will comprehend the material better. A few things I would say to freshman is to make sure you study and don’t stress out. Finals are not that hard if you take the time and effort to study and pay attention in class. Listen when your teacher criticizes your work and use that to further improve your skills. Teachers are willing to help you, reach out to them and ask for help.”

The next and final tip, like Striplin has already touched on (and although it may be hard to do) is to just relax. Although finals week may seem scary the best thing is to not get too scared or agitated. It is understandable that there might be feelings of fear, but don’t let those feelings overwhelm you. Especially this year, teachers understand the difficulties students are facing, so just try to relax and study the best you can for these exams. If you need to destress, just take time to listen to music or to listen to music while you work.

Hopefully these tips will help you all to do great on your finals. Remember to study, get rest, help if needed, and remember to just relax. I hope all of you do great on your final exams. You’re all going to ROCK IT!! YOU GOT THIS!! 🙂