What’s your Dream College?


Karla Lara (9th), Reporter

My dream colleges would be UCLA in Los Angeles because they have good education there, and it’s one of the most academically demanding and economically diverse schools in the country, attracting top-tier professionals from all over the world. Many of the departments have outstanding scores as well. My second college I want to go to is Briar College because it has a very good education for nurses and doctors and it’s a good place to start fresh and have a good time.

I asked my friends what their dream college is.  One friend said, “New york university because she wants to study business and they have a really good program for business.”  My other friend said she wants to go Harvard University because it’s well know for their good education programs and she also likes it because it’s far away from home and she can try out new things and really enjoy her college life. Another reason she wants to attend is because one of her family members went there and said, “Harvard scholars, like everyone else, are positive, polite people. They assist peers or strangers with homework, place a high emphasis on physical and mental health above marks, and enjoy themselves. In short, Harvard students are exactly like every other college student, which is one of the reasons I chose Harvard.” And that’s what my friends said what their dream colleges are.