Thoughts as the 2020-2021 School Year Comes to a Close


Jonathon Beals (9th), Reporter

This year has been filled with ups and downs but today we will be looking at the best moments of the school year. Of course it has been confusing and difficult. But at the same time we have had our good moments over Distance Learning and in person learning. For me personally this year has been up and down and I have loved being back in school and seeing all my friends. During Distance learning I think everyone took a toll mentally and it was a major setback. Even people I know (including myself) fell back in school it was just a total delay for everyone. And now that we are back I feel back to normal – kind of, not all the way though. Back to the point: with the last week of school coming to an end of course we all wish we had more time. But we did make the best of it and make memories in this unforgettable years. 


A student at PHS had this to say about the school year, “One of the best moments from the past school year was being able to go back in person and being able to see and interact with my peers and friends.”  He also said that being back in school was significantly better than being on Distance Learning. I really do agree with him that the call for us to go back was the best moment and best news truly that we have heard in a long time. We had been waiting in distance learning just waiting for the call to go back to school. Of course no one would expect their senior year to be like this nor the first year as a freshman. This year has been filled with unexpected turns and twists as well. Rumors going around we could’ve came back in October or December then after Winter Break and the rumors continued throughout February. AND THEN FINALLY AFTER A WHOLE YEAR…WE WERE FINALLY BACK IN CLASS LEARNING. 


The day my mom got the call and told me I was INSANELY EXCITED. My first day of school came two months away from the end of the school year. But still EVERYONE WAS EXCITED. Of course I’ll admit it myself I got a little lost walking around campus. Another student that goes to PHS said this, “I was so excited to go back to school, It was truly a sign of light for how crazy this year has been.” Like she said it was truly a shining light on such a dark year. 

With such a crazy year almost over I think it is safe to say we all want to go back to school 100% normal and 100% for a full year. Hopefully we will get that next year. Or at least close to it. With all this said what was your favorite part of the year?