Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

Madiha Haideri (10th), Editor-in-Chief

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has felt a certain way at some point in their lives that they cannot describe. If you have felt that way, just know that you are not alone. So here is a good list of the oddest emotions that people have felt, but don’t know how to describe!

1. The most common one is Déjà vu. This is where a person feels like they have done/been something/someplace before. This feeling of familiarity is reported by 75% of people and is said to have been caused by features from the past and are triggered by something in the new experience that shares similarities in some way.

2. Next up is Ellipsism. This is a feeling where one gets sad because they realize they won’t be around to see the future. They think about all the future discoveries or their offsprings and how they won’t be around to see and experience any of them.


3. Chrysalism is when one has a sense of warmth, peace, and tranquility when they are warm and dry inside their house during an intense rainstorm. This feeling of coziness is said to occur because one correlates this feeling with the feeling of being back in a womb, therefore the name “chrysalism.”


4. Have you ever met someone interesting and wanted to be friends with them, but are saddened by the fact that it takes a long time to form relationships? This feeling is named Adronitis, and this is a sense of frustration experienced when meeting a new and interesting person, but realizing how long it is going to take to develop the relationship fully. 


5. Liberosis is the desire to care less about things. As we grow into adults, we take on more and more responsibilities and that is where this feeling comes into play. It’s the feeling you get when you wish you could be a child again, without cares and concerns.


6. Wishing you could go back in time and tell your past-self about the future is called Enouement. When something turns out fine, you think about how worrisome it was earlier on, and when something turns out bad, naturally you wish to go back and tell yourself to decide otherwise.  


7. The most common feeling that everyone has, but no one talks about is called Jouska. This is when you play a certain scenario that happened to you in your head and think about it over and over again and “win” the situation/argument. You play out every outcome or comeback that the other person might say and what your possible responses should be. 


8. Next on the list is Exulansis. This is a sense of frustration someone might feel if they have experienced something that no one around them might relate to. It’s difficult for them to talk about it or explain it because nobody is able to understand them so ultimately, they give up talking about it.


9. Sonder is perhaps the most difficult to comprehend on this list. It is where you realize that everyone you know and everyone that passes you has their own complex life. The views or feelings you might have, the family or friends you might have, the lifestyle or habits you might have- they have their own. Every person out there has a life completely separate and different from yours – just like you. 


10. You know when time used to go really slowly when you were a kid, but now it feels like middle school was last year? That’s Zenosyne. It’s where you feel that time goes by faster and faster each day. Even though it may seem long at the moment, in the long run, everything happened fast. 


11. Dwelling on the past; choices, people, habits, places etc…- is called Klexos. Recalling a memory now vs. years from now will have different effects on your mood even though the memory hasn’t changed. 


12. Many people may have experienced Kenopsia in their lives; it’s the eerie feeling of being in a place that is usually bustling with people but is now empty. The place may seem abandoned now that no one is there. For example, a school hallway at night time, an empty office or a vacant fairgrounds. It’s not just the absence of people in these places that create the eeriness, it’s the thought that no life exists that comes along with Kenopsia.


13. My favorite on this list is Occhiolism. A very humbling feeling, Occhiolism is the awareness of the smallness of one’s perspective. In the vast universe, the complexities of culture, the diversity of life and billions of minds, one person’s perspective, conclusions, and opinions about anything holds little to no value. 


14. Similar to Zenosyne but with its own twist, Groundhog Day Syndrome is the sense that each day is like the next. Therefore, every day ends up blurring together and one loses sense of time. This syndrome makes time fly by but in the context of a lockdown, one might alternate between days dragging by and that they are zooming by. 


15. Another great one similar to Ellipsism (#2) is Onism. This is when one might feel frustrated – and maybe even sad – realizing how little of life they will be able to experience in their lifetime.


16. Moment of Tangency is where one thinks of their life as it might have been had they made different decisions along the way. For example, that one friend that turned into a stranger, that one habit left halfway or that one party left unattended. 

There are many more emotions such as the ones listed however, this is a good list of the common or the most unique ones. So, have you ever felt this way?