Andrew Borba is a very ambitious person and is always thinking of new ideas, ways to get better at competitive games, and analytical projects (about media/video games/anime/music/etc.). He is also a very lazy person. For every great idea he has, he spends laying on his bed literally doing nothing. Infact that was what he was he doing before writing this bio. Also don’t doubt his skill at competitive gaming! He has gotten Top 8 at a Pokemon Regionals (out of 200+ entrants) and religiously plays fighting games like JoJo and Street Fighter. For other media, his favorites are as follows; for favorite movie: Spider-Man, for favorite book: the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, favorite song: Killer Queen by Queen, and favorite TV show: Neon Genesis Evangelion. While he might seem very “city boy” he actually works at his grandpa’s family dairy every Sunday. He is the best of both worlds.

Andrew Borba (12th), Reporter

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