Caitlyn Cavanaugh (9th)


Sooo… my editor just asked for my staff bio and I can procrastinate no longer, so bear with me while I try to meet the word count.

My name is “Caitlyn” but nobody calls me that, or pronounces my last name correctly… so don’t even bother trying. Sometimes I read stuff... *she writes from a fortress made completely of books, resting the computer on a stack of them.* All of my socializing is done with my cat and plant, Paul Anka.... that’s the plant’s name. I mainly hide out in the school library, watching everyone select their books, laughing maniacally when they choose a book where the best character dies, not even knowing what they’re getting themselves into. Hehehe…

Word count achieved! Byyyyeeeee….


Caitlyn Cavanaugh (9th), Reporter

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