Emily Ascencio (11th)
Hi, I’m Emily Ascencio. Welcome to my bio. I wish I could say I’m a calm, organized, student living the perfect high school life, but I would be lying. I’m a mess and life can get messy. I may not have the “perfect” high school life, but I’m very happy and content where I am now. I’m a loud, dorky, student, with amazing friends and family. Some of my favorite things to do are stay in, have a movie night and eat lots of snacks and I mean A LOT of snacks. I eat chips, ice cream, peanut butter, cookies. If it’s edible and unhealthy I’ll eat it. I can’t eat it alone though, I need my best friend to come over and help me eat, all while she listens to me obsess over fictional characters that I am way too attached to. I may seem like a lazy student on the outside, but I work hard to reach my goals and use what I have to its advantage.

Emily Ascencio (11th), Reporter

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