After an entire school career of chronic procrastination, Eric finally got on track and finished this bio EARLY for once. Instead of playing World of Warcraft, or doing things outdoors, he finally decided to sit in and type his bio, sipping a glass of Mountain Dew like a good student. He loves to watch MacGyver and Trailer Park Boys in his free time (when he has any!) Other than that, he loves to play Grand Theft Auto Online with his two best friends. He is fed on a constant stream of Classic Rock (he is named after a KISS drummer) and metal (no posers please.) Eric is glad to be a senior, since he does not have to put up with anyone in school, and he's almost ready to be tossed out into the harsh and unforgiving world. He still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, so he is going to do what he does best: wing it. It's gotten him this far. But that doesn't worry him, he just prefers to live in the moment.

Eric Carr (12th), Editor

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