Erika Ocegueda (12th), Reporter
Sup, this is my bio, welcome, find a spot, get comfortable, this will probably take a minute, ten seconds for those speed readers out there. As you can see by the information given, the name my parents bestowed upon me is Erika, and yes that long last name is indeed inherited from them. Shoutout to my ancestors, thanks for surviving and birthing children. Anyway, if it’s not already clear to the individual currently reading this, I get distracted fairly easily. This knack for distractions has led me to a painful life of procrastination—I am the cause of a majority of my suffering. Activities that I distract myself with include: reading, doodling, and watching dumb Youtube videos that I find after spending an hour internet deep diving. Time not spent with these particular distractors is time spent lost in my thoughts—zoning out occurs daily. Although writing isn’t one of my most prominent hobbies, I enjoy writing on occasion. I’d like to spend more time refining my skills in the craft. Besides these activities, I enjoy time spent with family and friends—those moments are the moments I look back upon with the most fondness. I tend to display pessimistic tendencies; it’s so much easier dealing with disappointment when you expect it. Nevertheless, I admire those who live life optimistically. Anyway, I could go on forever about the small details of my life, but I won’t; this is the general gist of who I am—hopefully it left you, the reader, with a pleasant impression. 

Erika Ocegueda (12th), Reporter

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