Harnaaj Bual (9th)
Hey I am Harnaaj and I am a 9th grader. Of course you knew that until you clicked my bio but even if you are a random person clicking through this page or you are a student curious about the staff -- Welcome :D  to my bio. So a little more about myself: my passions are to read, write and draw. I was born February 22nd and I am 13 right now as in 2018. My favorite animals are pandas, lions and wolves even though I like every animal that there is in the world. My favorite day would be with my fingers racing around the keyboard typing something and eating a lot of chocolate while writing or typing. I am almost always reading, studying, drawing or writing. When I am not doing any of these things, I am watching TV, sleeping or eating. I am looking forward to being your reporter for The Roaring Times. I will do my best to give you the best and interesting news that you will love to read.

Harnaaj Bual (9th), Reporter

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