As you are reading this, I am probably at home watching Netflix or YouTube while eating chips and guac because that's what I was doing as I wrote this. My favorite things in the world aside from tv and avocados are my two cats, my baby blanket, and Starbucks. I know, these seem like the interests of any normal 16 year old girl, but I assure you, I am many things, but normal isn't one of them. Yes, I like curling my hair, doing my makeup and going shopping. But I also really like to organize things and clean, which is kind of odd. I can also put both legs behind my head and hold my breath for two whole minutes.

   My favorite hobby is scouring Netflix, the greatest gift known to man, and finding shows to binge watch. I have many recommendations and hopefully you can find them in an article that I write someday (wink wink).

   After high school, I'd like to major in Psychology and be a lifeguard on the side. Why a lifeguard you ask? Well, I previously mentioned that I can hold my breath for two minutes and I once saved my little sister from drowning in the ocean, which definitely makes me lifeguard material. Plus I could use a tan and the opportunity to work with a bunch of in shape toned people, so why not a lifeguard?

   Well, I think it's time to wrap things up and for my final words if like to share the wise words from George Bernard Shaw:

  “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Julia Berry (11th), Reporter

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