My name is Karla Miranda. Many people assume that my name is spelled with a C, but it is actually spelled with a K. I am an eighteen year old senior, though I appear younger than I am. I thoroughly enjoy music. My favorite genres are indie rock and classic rock, although I am not very fond of country music. My main passions are makeup and writing. I do both very well, at least I think I do. Writing liberates my mind from stress and worrisome situations. My least favorite thing to do is read. Reading does not grab my attention as much as writing does. The only book series that anyone will catch me reading is Dead Is the New Black series by Marlene Perez. I do not do much after school. I can most likely be found writing in my journal, watching Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory Youtube videos, or sleeping. I do not have any special talents unless you consider eating a talent. Some humans do not like vegetables nor fruit. Those kind of humans are cringe-worthy for sure. Since I like all fruits and veggies, I find it difficult to choose a favorite. Last but not least, the most basic fact about me is that my favorite color is ocean blue.  

Karla Miranda (12th), Reporter

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