The name is Karly. Some prefer to call me Karls, or Karl's Jr. People who don't know me often call me iCarly (which I get way too often and really hate). I also get "what did you do to your arm?" "did you draw on yourself?" Or even "Is that a tattoo?" Maybe one day I will make up a cool story to tell people, but for now my arm is nothing special but an arm with a patch of freckles on it. I am a very simple, yet complicated person. Due to the fact that I can't make a decision even if my life depended on it, I live in worry of choosing wrong. Although, it does not take much too make me happy. I enjoy the little things, In n Out, a nice sunset, a brand new pen, when my mom buys the right flavor of hot pockets, honestly anything. In my free time I am often either asleep or hanging out with friends, pretty much my two favorite things. Oh and Justin Bieber, can't forget my man. On occasion I go to concerts which is one of my happy places. One of the best things that has happened this year so far was seeing Justin Bieber in concert and sitting closer than front row, literally inside the stage. Another passion of mine is wake boarding, or anything at the lake really. I guess I spend quite a lot of time at the lake on my houseboat enjoying myself, getting beat up while tubing, or the best part, getting a tan. Aside from that I am a huge time waster. If there is free time, I am probably wasting it, terrible habit but it's how I am.

Karly Halsey (12th), Reporter

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