Kenya Gonzalez is a mysterious girl, who was ironically born in Kenya. She always has a smile on her face, but her classes can often his the judgment in her eyes. Kenya is a kind girl, always helping to keep spirits up during the longest and most boring classes. In fact, she's so kind that, on a day when she was stressed with AP work, she cried when she saw a stranger walking a group of dogs because the dogs were so cute. Kenya is a leader who takes charge even when she's shy. She's brave, so much so that even when faced with the wrath of die-hard Twilight fans, she threatened to write an essay listing the reasons why Twilight should be "burned to the ground." Zach Rovito is, frankly, a little bit creepy. He never stops smiling - like, ever. He's intimidatingly tall and annoyingly smart. You'd expect him to have tons of friends because of those pearly whites and disposition towards humor, but not many people know a lot about Zachary, a fact which only adds to the creep-factor. Pieces of the puzzle which make him up include a dislike of people not writing out numbers up to 100 ("write out ninety-nine, it's not so hard!") and an apparent love over all things music. You'll also never find Zach not looking spiffy in a button down or a pair of strangely clean shoes.

Kenya Gonzalez (12th), Zach Rovito (12th), Editors in Chief

Feb 12, 2017
Disney and Politics: An Unlikely (But Welcome) Pairing (Story)
Roaring Times Staff