Loren Bostrom (11th)
Hi uhhh my name is Loren Bostrom, my birthday is on July 15 and that means I’m a cancer. I knew all the astrological signs before the alphabet. I'm a cancer and that means I’m a sensitive little baby. I think I’m a sweetie though! I love anything Sanrio and colorful, my favorite colors are pastel pink and kelly green. Music is the main thing that makes me happy, when I’m not wasting my time doing dumb things, I’m searching for new music. I mainly listen to rap and indie music. I sometimes paint (very mediocre paintings) most of my paintings are of women and noses, I love how different people can look from each other. I think it’s fascinating how we all are tiny specs on Earth. I look forward to being able to share my thoughts and current events on a public platform. Have a good day bud!

Loren Bostrom (11th), Reporter

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