I'm Madelyn Valenzuela but anytime someone calls me Madelyn and not Maddy I feel like a little girl who's getting in trouble. Which isn't the case, I'm an angel and the favorite child out of my three other younger brothers. I have danced for thirteen years and not only has it taught me how to move eloquently across the stage, it has taught me many life lessons. From managing your own bank account to manners at the table. Eating isn't a problem for me since I can count on my fingers the foods I do eat. I'm not a vegetarian; it's just a preference. But anything with cheese has a special place in my heart. I have a two-year old brother that I babysit often so I guess you can say in a way I'm a teen mom. Since I've mastered procrastination, it's only logical that I wait to figure out what I want to do with my life until the last possible minute.

Madelyn Valenzuela (12th), Reporter

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