Majed Ammari (11th), Reporter
Hey, I'm Majed and I'm a junior. 

I'm best known for sounding like the iconic legend himself, Mickey Mouse. Maybe I'll work at Disney someday, who knows! I'm Middle Eastern and can speak Arabic fluently. My name actually means glory in Arabic! I come from a religious background and grew up attending Sunday Mass and Bible Study. From the outside I might seem like a quiet, shy, and timid person but once you get to know me you'd wish that was the case! Although I’m not a people-person, I love hanging out with my close friends and family. I believe that everything is better when you have a friend or two involved.

A lot of people view me as a hardworking individual and I try my best to keep up that image but I get distracted very easily which stains that image ever so slightly. If you see me in the hallway or walking about, don’t be afraid to send me a friendly wave. Sike, I'm actually a clown so please don't come at me. If you ever need someone to meme around with, I’m that someone. I have an exquisite taste in the finest and freshest memes. This, of course, is matched with an unhealthy YouTube addiction and a Master’s Degree in procrastination.

A master procrastinator, such as myself, must fill his day with a plethora of activities to distract me from my work. Such activities include: playing video games, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, playing the piano, sketching, swimming, and oh… did I mention watching YouTube videos for hours on end?

Oh okay, just making sure.

My favorite music genre is jazz. Jazz is quite versatile, just like me. It can balance formality with funkiness and I like to think of myself in the same way. I also love technology and how, just like jazz, I can balance both productivity entertainment. I also love to play video games! Some games I enjoy playing are Minecraft, the entire Super Mario Bros series, Super Mario 64 DS, and the entire Mario Kart series. Speaking of Mario, my younger brother’s name is Mario followed by my younger sister, Merna, and finally my youngest brother, Mark. Yes, I’m the oldest and yes, all four of our names start with M.

Now finally, why did I decide to join this class? Well, I’ve always loved to write. I’ve always carried personal journals and sketchbooks and I still keep them to this day. I also love that I can write and research about topics that interest me. It’s always fun to just research and learn new things about the topics you love most.

Anyways, thank you for your time and attention and remember to have a great day! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Majed Ammari (11th), Reporter

Sep 08, 2019
Apple’s Ecosystem (Story)
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