Melisa Lanzar (12th)
Wow, the night before the staff bios are due and Melisa just started right now… Well I mean you can tell what kind of a person she is. Most of the time, you will find Melisa procrastinating until the very last second. She may seem like she is laidback and carefree but she is secretly stressing out about everything. With no idea for her future, Melisa is living one day to the next, just trying to graduate high school and hide in the comfort of her home. You will find Melisa often playing with her dog because she prefers dogs rather than human beings. She likes to play Grand Theft Auto Online with her friends and enjoys listening to every genre (mainly rock)  just NOT country. Melisa can not stand country so please do not ever recommend a country song to her please.  Melisa loves watching anime and loves Pokemon. She hopes that people stop thinking you are a nerd if you watch anime or like “nerdy” things. If you ever want to fangirl about Game Of Thrones, The Last of Us, or ANY anime show, Melisa is your girl to talk to. She can carry out hour conversations that contain theories and sometimes may get a little too passionate so please bare with her. Melisa lives by her life motto: do you boo.

Melisa Lanzar (12th), Reporter

Sep 12, 2017
To Blaze or Not To Blaze, ‘Tis the Question (Story)
Roaring Times Staff