Natalie Jeziorski (9th)
Hi I’m Natalie, and to be honest, I’m pretty stereotypical. A little thing about me is that I really hate using that word, but it’s irresistible since I am a 14 year old student athlete who enjoys eating and listening to the latest, most popular music. I know it doesn’t seem like it but i really do try to be somewhat original. For the past year I’ve refused to purchase the horrid White Slip-On Vans so I’d give myself props. I’ve even gotten into some small unknown ‘indie’ bands for my own pleasure and I’ve taken in some joy knowing that I have an ounce of unique-ness. Carrying on I’m currently on the PHS Tennis team and will soon be on the Swim team as well (Hopefully). Fun fact; i’m 5’6 which is a tree compared to my somewhat tiny friends. Another random thing about me is that i hate roses, wonder why? I find them cliche and fairytale like. So if you’re looking to ask me to a dance (surprising) I suggest sunflowers because they’re cuter.

                                                                                                                     -With all originality


Natalie Jeziorski (9th), Reporter

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