Nathalie Hernandez (12th)
Netflix, chicken-wings, and English-lover! Bookworm, social butterfly - oh, and editor! 

Hello! This is my second year of Journalism and I’m very happy to be back as editor! A little about myself: I love chicken wings, writing, communicating and thinking! My favorite subject is English <3. I am a very talkative person! I love talking to new people and making friends!  I am a big social butterfly so don’t be afraid to talk to me!! I am very glad to be part of The Roaring Times! Lover of netflix as well, I mean who doesn’t love Riverdale? Or a good movie in general?Other than being a social butterfly I am very much of a book worm a Don Miguel Ruiz or Paulo Coehlo book never ever does me any harm! Read our paper, GO PRIDE!

Nathalie Hernandez (12th), Editor-in-Chief

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