Olivia Hixson (11th)
“Whatever you do, do it well.”- Walt Disney

If you can’t tell, I love Disney and everything related to it (but we’ll get to that later). I am a junior at Pitman High School and I absolutely love it here! Nothing is better than spending time with my bestest friends and being in super exciting (most of the time) classes! I also really love traveling- one of my most favorite places to go is Disneyland because, duh, it’s Disneyland! Nothing beats walking down Main Street U.S.A. and feeling right at home with my fellow Disney nerds and all the churro stands! All things Disney aside, I really love living in California- the golden poppies on the sides of the highway, the amazing beaches, wearing shorts 8 months out of the year- what’s not to love!? I also really want to travel to Cuba and Greece one day! When I grow up, I really want to go into hotel hospitality so I can work at The Grand Californian Hotel in Disneyland or the Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii (I know I said no more Disney but c’mon!) and I want a lot of kitties and doggies :D. Journalism and writing in general have always been passions of mine and I absolutely LOVE being an editor for The Roaring Times. Anyway, yay junior year!!

Olivia Hixson (11th), Editor in Chief

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