Sukhdeep Kooner (12th)
You Hey, it’s Sukhie again! This is now my second year in journalism and let me tell you-it has been quite a ride! I started off last year as a reporter and now I'm back, but as a marketing editor for the Roaring Times. I work with local businesses to place advertisements in the printed newspaper as well as on our website; that way, we have enough money to continue printing several issues throughout the school year. In addition, I run the social media accounts for journalism. It’s actually been lots of fun and I’ve learned more from my time here than I have in other classes! I love the tight-knit family we have here in journalism and I encourage everybody with a passion for writing to join! Anyways, here are some fun facts about me…

  • I love the color dark green! Yep I’m not a blue or purple type of gal

  • My favorite movie is The Greatest Showman

  • My favorite shows are Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, and Grey’s Anatomy

  • I’ve watched more hours of Vines than I’ve done hours of homework

  • I have a pet bird named Rico and he’s the BEST

  • One place I want to travel to? Greece, hands down

Sukhdeep Kooner (12th), Marketing Editor

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