Karla Lara (9th)
Some things that you should know about me.  My name is Karla Lara. I'm a freshman at Pitman High School, I'm doing cheerleading in high school and I'm pretty excited about it because I always dreamed of doing it in high school since I was little.  I started doing cheer when I was about 7 years old, but then I stopped and I did it again in 7th grade; so I did cheer for 4 years.

I'm really shy at first when I talk to someone new, but I stop being shy when I get used to talking to them. My birthday is on July 4.  I just turned 14 and I'm a very outgoing person and sweet but shy sometimes.  I really want to travel the world. A few places I want to go to is New York and Paris.

I am Mexican and my mom is from Mexico and so are my grandparents. I visited the place where they live a few times and it's a very beautiful place and the food there is so good.

My favorite colors would be black and pink because black matches with any outfit you wear and pink is just a very nice color I like. I really love going shopping with my mom and my sister. I love just trying on clothes and seeing if I like them.

Karla Lara (9th), Reporter

Sep 14, 2020
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Karla Lara (9th)