Makayla Fink (9th)
         On July 15, 2005 in Modesto I, Makayla Fink was born. My Mom said the day I was born, it was one of the hottest days in California. I have lived in the same house in Turlock my whole life. One of these days I would like to move, but I have become very close to all my neighbors and it would be sad leaving them. I am a dancer and cheerleader. I have danced for 7 years and this is my first time cheering. I cheer for Pitman and I have made lots of friends while cheering. I spend most of my time at cheer practice and hanging out with my friends and sisters. I also love babysitting. I mainly babysit my sisters ages 9,8 but I am starting to branch out and babysit younger kids. I absolutely love kids, I have been around them my whole life. I also have 2 dogs one is my moms (Max) and mine (Jordan).  

Makayla Fink (9th), Reporter

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Makayla Fink (9th)