Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th)
 Facts about me!

  •        I’m from El Salvador

  •        I was born in  L.A.

  •        LOVE baking & cooking

  •        Enjoy making clothes

  •        I have 4 pets

My name is Nayeli and I’m a Sophomore. This year I’m here on this website as a reporter for 2019-2020. Since you clicked on this website you’re obviously curious about me, so here are more facts about me. I’m Salvadorian and my favorite Salvadorian food is Pupusas. Blue is my favorite color and I enjoy all types of songs and music genres. I can sometimes be very quiet but once you talk to me I won’t stop talking. I may look very serious but in reality I'm actually nice and can be a clown. 

Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

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Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th)