Sara Mendes (12th)
Hi my name is Sara Mendes. I’m a senior here at Pitman High and this is my bio. To be so honest with all of you, I’m not the most interesting person alive, but I personally and my friends think that I’m a very fun person to be around. Let’s just break it down really quick. I was born on February 28th. Pisces gang right here haha! This is my 2nd full year at Pitman. Before coming here I went to Turlock High and transferred in January mid Sophomore year. All I can say is that I like Pitman more than Turlock. I’m now 17 years old. I’m still a very outgoing person and I love to travel pretty much anywhere. I also love to spend time making new friends and hanging out with close ones I’ve known for years. What I want you guys to know is that I’m always willing to talk to anyone about anything going on. If you’re having a rough day and need to talk to someone I’m always there. I may look really mean at times and that’s just how I am, but in all honesty, I’m a nice person. This is my second year in journalism and I love it so much. I get to write about whatever I want and it’s just a fun class. The people in this class are amazing and we have a lot of fun. I love to write articles on mental health, local news going on or just whats going on here at Pitman High. Like I said,  not the most interesting person alive, but I hope you come see me and talk to me if anyone ever needs me. Okay that’s it :) 

Sara Mendes (12th), Reporter

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Sara Mendes (12th)