There’s an App for That

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Haley Jones, Staff Writer (10)

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  There’s an app for that.  Oh, and an app for that too.  There is an app for everything.  Whether it is an app for traveling, school work, social networks, or just for entertainment, there is always an app to be found.  After researching on Apple’s iTunes Store, I’ve come up with the top iPhone/iPod, paid and free, apps.

  The top five ‘paid for’ apps, starting with number five, include “Where’s My Water?”, “Camera+”, “Fruit Ninja”, “Angry Birds”, and “Words with Friends”. 

  “Words with Friends” is a game played amongst other users.  Through the app, people can connect with random opponents, family, and friends.  “Words with Friends” lends the opportunity to chat with your opponent through the small icon at the top.  The game is all about strategizing–what words and where to place them–to keep up with your competition.

 The top five free apps are “Doodle Sprint”, “Egg Punch”, “Zombie Farm”, “Angry Gran”, and finally, “Temple Run”.

  “Temple Run is the latest phenomenon”.  This app is purely for entertainment.  The addicting game begins with the main character running from monkeys.  The object is to collect as many coins as possible and keep up with the obstacles put in front of you.  The coins collected can be traded for bonuses to help improve the score.

  Since it is a new year for iPhone users, everyone wants his/her iPhone up to date with the latest.  But, don’t forget about keeping up with those New Years’ Resolutions. Wait, there’s an app for that. “Habit Maker, Habit Breaker” supports the user through conquering those troubling habits. Each day, it has the user input his or her successes so one can track progress. The app provides you with charts showing improvement and also pictures of what you may be rewarding yourself with in the end. This year, surprise yourself and conquer your New Years’ Resolutions.  With “Habit Maker, Habit Breaker” in your pocket, it won’t be a problem.  The app is completely free and beneficial to anyone. 

  When it comes to apps, the possibilities are endless.  There are over 500,000 apps for iPhone/iPod, with many different categories, and many different prices.  So get out there and explore the app world today. 



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There’s an App for That