2017-2018 Staff

Cerene Davis Gearing


Hi, I’m Cerene. I’ve rewritten this so many times that I’ve lost count so bear with me. I like animals, the color pink, Camila Cabello, and Criminal Minds. My everyday routine consists of socializing, watching YouTube v...

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Estefany Flores (9th)


I’m Estefany. I have to admit I’m an old soul. I love old people and doing things old-fashioned. I’m always confused. If you ever see me I’m probably lost, like right now I’m not even sure if I’m doing this right....

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Kat Martinez (11th)


My name is Kat with a “K” not a “C”, I know… weird. Most people know me as a sports fanatic, I love to play and watch mostly all sports. I would say I’m your average highschool student, I don’t put much effort into ...

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Julia Allen (12th)


A list of passions in no particular order, held by aspiring Crystal Gem and French girl wannabe, Julia Allen, aka me: Coffee, Politics, My dog Sophie, The Smiths, Steven Universe, Pajamas, Sushi, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Lan...

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Natalie Jeziorski (9th)


Hi I’m Natalie, and to be honest, I’m pretty stereotypical. A little thing about me is that I really hate using that word, but it’s irresistible since I am a 14 year old student athlete who enjoys eating and listening to ...

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Melisa Lanzar (12th)


Wow, the night before the staff bios are due and Melisa just started right now… Well I mean you can tell what kind of a person she is. Most of the time, you will find Melisa procrastinating until the very last second. She may s...

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Clara Buck (12th)

Editor in Chief

What’s up Pitman (and everyone else who happens to stumble across the Pitman Roaring Times), I’m Clara Buck and you’re reading my staff bio! I’m a senior and yes, I cannot wait to graduate. At the same time, though, I’m...

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Kaci Davis (9th)


Kaci Davis was born on April 23, 2003 in Modesto, CA. Growing up, she liked to play soccer and hang out with friends. She has been around and in Turlock for 14 years - her whole life. Nowadays she enjoys watching Netflix, hangin...

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Sydney Vallier (9th)


Hi, my name is Sydney Vallier and I love Skillet. Yes, I know that you’re thinking about frying pans right now and no, that’s not what I mean. Skillet is the most awesome Christian rock band that has ever lived, and I enjo...

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Steven Bishop (11th)


Stop every once in awhile and just look at the world around you. Everyone sees something different. One wall might be a safeguard or a barrier. This flower is out of place or to beautiful to be present. I chose to view things...

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Felipe Meraz (12th)


As he is writing this staff bio, Felipe is likely trying to finish it as soon as possible, for he has procrastinated, and consequently, has quite the load of homework to complete. Felipe is entering his Senior year of high school ...

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Juan Mora (9th)


   Juan Mora is an American citizen attending Pitman High School. He is 13 and by the time  you read this he will be 14. Juan is really involved in sports and school. His dream is to make it into the NFL and play college f...

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Kiely Macdowell (11th)


Three words to describe Kiely Macdowell: shy, kind and caring. Days where she's not hanging out with friends or family, she's usually in bed watching conspiracy theory videos or makeup tutorials on youtube. Days where youtube ...

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Alyson Berry (9th)


My name is Alyson Berry and I will admit that I am doing this at 11:37 p.m, the night before it’s due. I have an odd obsession with waiting to do stuff until the last minute, causing me to stay up late, which results in me be...

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Don Garcia (10th)


I was born in Modesto, CA on August 19th, 2002 and raised in Turlock. When I was younger I would always spend time with my family at my aunt's country home in Keyes. Because of spending most of my time there i'm very adventur...

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Justin Yniquez (12th)


Justin Yniquez is a man like no other. Born in Turlock, California in the year of 2000, April 16th. His true identity is buried deep within the vessel that he possesses. Although it is not difficult to reveal this identity, ‘tis...

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Tim Sanchez (10th)


Yo my name is Tim Sanchez but you could call me Timtation, if you know what I’m saying. I was born in Corona, Queens, New York. I love reading books, writing rhymes, and hearing my Hip Hop. Hip Hop is my true passion. My favo...

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Julia Berry (12th)


Hi, my name is Julia Berry and I actually don't like any type of berries at all. Which is weird. I DO like to read a lot BUT only if I'm really interested in what I'm reading. I physically cannot read a book if I'm not into it,...

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Megan Armenta (12th)


Megan Armenta mainly spends the majority of her time surrounded by her friends and the people she loves the most. She loves going on spontaneous trips to Santa Cruz, Monterey, or Six Flags and filling entire days dedicated to laugh ...

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Olivia Hixson (11th)

Editor in Chief

“Whatever you do, do it well.”- Walt Disney If you can’t tell, I love Disney and everything related to it (but we’ll get to that later). I am a junior at Pitman High School and I absolutely love it here! Nothing is...

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Kelly Zhang (12th)


Kelly Zhang is a clueless nerd who's really good at sounding smart. Her interests consist of social sciences, people, animals, understanding how things work, writing, Youtube videos, and stories of all kinds. Fun Fact: has ...

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Nicole Azof (12th)


I am the bubbly and fun Nicole Azof! I enjoy writing stories and drawing cartoons! I am a senior of Pitman High School. I love to read and my favorite books are the Remnant Chronicles and the How To Train Your Dragon books. How...

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Anjali Badesha (12th)


My name is Anjali Badesha :) I am a cucumber enthusiast and have been since the sixth grade. I do love to read but I love Harry Potter even more. That being said if I had to chose between reading a new book or rereading Harry P...

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Sukhdeep Kooner (11th)


Hey, it’s your girl Sukhdeep! Of course you already knew that if you clicked on my bio, but if you are just a random person stalking everyone on this page-WELCOME!  What would you like to know about me? Well, my name, when t...

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