“Inch by Inch Math is a Cinch; Yard by Yard it is Very Hard”


Viviana Fuentes, Front Page Editor (11)

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      The motto, “Inch by Inch Math is a Cinch; Yard by Yard It is Very Hard” is chanted every other Saturday throughout the year at the CSU Stanislaus math and science program called “Hi-Map.”  Hi-Map stands for the High School Mathematics Access Program which is a program that helps give confidence to students who struggle in math and science concepts in school.  This program does not only reach out to high school students in the central valley, but to students in grades from sixth through eighth too.  Hi-Map is a Pre-Collegiate Academic program that is motivated to guide students through a successful future in math and science in their academic lives.

     This striving program was started by Dr. Viji Sundar in 1995 at CSU Stanislaus who is currently the director at Hi-Map and is very involved with the program.  She is a true motivation to all students just through her persistent determination that any student can be successful in the subjects that challenge them the most.  Her motto really speaks the truth guiding all students to knowing that a challenging subject can become easy taking it step by step rather than trying to absorb the material in big chunks.  What is truly great about this program is that CSU students that are math majors and science majors are not only tutors at Hi-Map, but mentors and role-models to the students that go there.  Students there get to truly bond with the tutors and get future advice on colleges and studying tips.  The tutors really represent what Hi-Map is really about giving students a positive influence and attitude towards their struggles and teaching them how to overcome them. 

      Hi-Map is able to cover math subjects from basic math all the way up to A.P Calculus.  This program does not only help students in math but in biology, chemistry, general sciences and even in computers.  However it does not stop there because they are always willing to help you in any other extra homework if you are done early and they are more than willing to give you new studying tips for tests.  If one tutor is not able to help out with the level of math or subject of science, they will make sure they will find another tutor that specializes in that subject to assist you.  The tutoring sessions are two hours from nine thirty in the morning to eleven thirty in the morning.  Those two hours go by fast as you take a snack break in between and you go quickly back to work.  Many of the students feel more confident in math or science due to this program in a short period of time.  I interviewed a sophomore student fromPitmanHigh School, Caroline Ayala, and asked her how her experience has been through this program. She responded happily saying, “It has been a great experience for me at Hi-Map since I have gained confidence in math and sometimes I even beat a tutor in solving a math problem. When you are able to beat your own tutor at doing a math problem, it is the best feeling in the world.”   Caroline Ayala has not only had a positive experience through this program, but has encouraged other students that have been in same situation as her to join Hi-Map to have the same experience she has had through Hi-Map and as a math student at Pitman High School. 

      So if you ever get stuck in math or science, and you are about to give up, do not forget that around the corner from Pitman High School there is Hi-Map at CSU where they are ready to help you get to that finish line.

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“Inch by Inch Math is a Cinch; Yard by Yard it is Very Hard”