2016-2017 Staff

Kenya Gonzalez (12th), Zach Rovito (12th)

Editors in Chief

Kenya Gonzalez is a mysterious girl, who was ironically born in Kenya. She always has a smile on her face, but her classes can often his the judgment in her eyes. Kenya is a kind girl, always helping to keep spirits up during the lo...

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Tyler Davis (12th)


Tyler Davis is a strange creature known as a recluse. Most of the time you can find him in his room avoiding social activities. He will occasionally venture out of his room for food or family gatherings. Tyler’s favorite activities a...

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Zach Rovito (12th)


Bio coming soon... worth the wait.

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Kat Martinez (10th)


Katherine Martinez, (mainly known as Kat) spends a majority of her time on the softball field or in the classroom. Kat plays on a travel softball team and last year maintained a 4.1 GPA. She has set high goals for her future s...

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Julia Berry (11th)


 As you are reading this, I am probably at home watching Netflix or YouTube while eating chips and guac because that's what I was doing as I wrote this. My favorite things in the world aside from tv and avocados are my two cats...

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Eric Carr (12th)


After an entire school career of chronic procrastination, Eric finally got on track and finished this bio EARLY for once. Instead of playing World of Warcraft, or doing things outdoors, he finally decided to sit in and type his ...

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Amiya Keturi (9th)


I'm Amiya, I'm 13, I love music and wrestling. I have two brothers: one younger and one older. My older brother goes here and my younger brother is in elementary. If you know me, I do really weird things and I'm very random. I h...

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Adrian Rodriguez (12th)


Meet Adrian, your average quiet, serious peer. At first he seems mean but once you get to know him, he is a really nice guy. When Adrian isn’t making dumb but hilarious roasts with his homies, one can find him playing Madden...

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Karla Miranda (12th)


My name is Karla Miranda. Many people assume that my name is spelled with a C, but it is actually spelled with a K. I am an eighteen year old senior, though I appear younger than I am. I thoroughly enjoy music. My favorite genres...

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Tyler Davis (12th)


Tyler Davis is a strange creature known as a recluse. Most of the time you can find him in his room avoiding social activities. He will occasionally venture out of his room for food or family gatherings. Tyler’s favorite activities a...

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Tim Sanchez (9th)


Timothy Sanchez was born in Modesto on April 1st 2002. He was raised in turlock his mother Cynthia Sanchez brought him up as an only child. He has two blood sisters named Reyanna and Keyanna. Most people know him as a Rapper who...

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Amanjot Bains (12th)


Amanjot Bains is a senior here at Pitman. Some special people have the privilege of knowing her as Almond Joy also. She loves chocolate, the color blue, and The Mortal Instruments. She was born an angel and has managed to maintain her...

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Karly Halsey (12th)


The name is Karly. Some prefer to call me Karls, or Karl's Jr. People who don't know me often call me iCarly (which I get way too often and really hate). I also get "what did you do to your arm?" "did you draw on yourself?" Or ...

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Steven Courney (12th)


S: Skinny jeans T: Taco Truck E: Extra cheese and guacamole V: Violinist E: Ends the day with a nice bath N: No sour cream, no lettuce   C: Cheesy smile O: “Oops, I forgot” U: Underestimates the amount of sleep...

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Julia Allen (11th)


Okay, so you're probably going, “Is this a Brandy Melville commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl! I mean I get up, I press snooze more times than i care to admit, and then ...

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Sebastian Macias (12th)


Many know my name but many don’t know my life story. I am a 17 year old living day by day waiting for that last bell to ring so i can get out of school. The days i spend away from school I am either sitting at home or out w...

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Clara Buck (11th)


After taking a year long hiatus from the Roaring Times, Clara Buck is back and better than ever. A junior at Pitman High, Clara is highly involved in the Pride's water polo and swim teams. When she's not in the pool, you can ...

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Salvador Hinojosa (9th)


Salvador was named after the city in Mexico and he plays a lot of baseball and football. He loves to eat pizza and cookies. Salvador was born on march 10th 2001. He plans on taking this class again for the next 4 years. Salvador ...

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Maya Radcliffe (12th)


So Maya Radcliffe, Spends way too much time on Pinterest. Has a slightly serious addiction to coffee and dark chocolate. Hates school presentations but loves performing in drama productions. Is going to travel the world- ass...

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Madelyn Valenzuela (12th)


I'm Madelyn Valenzuela but anytime someone calls me Madelyn and not Maddy I feel like a little girl who's getting in trouble. Which isn't the case, I'm an angel and the favorite child out of my three other younger brothers. I...

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Rylee Moore (12th)


If you're looking for Rylee, you can likely find her wandering up and down the aisles of Target or hiding in the shade because she and the sun don't get along. Rylee likes eating peanut butter, wearing comfy pants, and chasin...

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Andrew Borba (12th)


Andrew Borba is a very ambitious person and is always thinking of new ideas, ways to get better at competitive games, and analytical projects (about media/video games/anime/music/etc.). He is also a very lazy person. For every g...

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Olivia Hixson


“This information cannot leave this room. Okay? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.”- The Geek, Sixteen Candles. Hi, I'm Olivia, or Liv for short. For starters, I absolutely love Sixteen Candles and therefore Jake Ryan (...

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Conner Havens (12th)


Original and adventurous, Conner has no issue with telling you what he thinks of you. He is a straight up kind of guy, a man of his word. He fancies fishing and golf and enjoying time spent with friends, up to no good. A So-Ca...

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Brionna Bartlebaugh (10th)


Hi! My name is Brionna, but you can call me Bri or just the lover of pizza. I’m going to be straightforward with you, I love pizza. Ok let's get serious now, I mean not that I wasn’t being serious when I said I loved pizza but o...

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Alaura Lucero (9th)


Alaura Lucero was born on January 23 in Walnut Creek, California. For the majority of her life she lived in Tracy, California. During the summer of her fifth grade year she moved to Turlock, California. She is now a hard working stude...

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Dilynn Damon (12th)


As an 18 year old senior, I have come to realize that my priorities now involve sleep,money and, work. I spend most of my time worrying over nothing and fantasizing about the day I become rich for my writing and filmmaking. I do...

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Aurora Coria (12th)


Aurora was born on February 13th in Turlock, California. Despite being born and raised in a small town, she longs for the day she fulfills her childhood dream of living in a big city. She spends a majority of her time listenin...

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