Hoobastank Brings The Reason to Life

Special Topics Editor Kelsey Martinez

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  Hoobastank first originated in 1994 when three high school friends, singer Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin, and drummer Chris Hesse, came together to create a rock band. Their most successful album is The Reason which went Platinum and sold over two million copies.

  Their newest album, Fornever, is their first album released in about eighteen months, due to management changes and a few failed attempts at a new album. “We just needed a break,” says drummer Chris Hesse. John Estrin adds “But getting a chance to do it all again is really exciting. We all have brand-new eyes and ears going into this, as well as an appreciation for what we’ve been through.”

  The actual album has a very mainstream style to it. It expresses elements of a mixture between Nickelback and Atreyu. The songs are all similar in style but have particularly important differences as well.

  Basically, all the songs are about love or hate. The group just wanted their fans to relate to and understand what they have been through in the last year and a half. Their first hit and demo of the album named “My Turn” is inspired from a poem written by Doug’s older brother. It is a message to any man or woman who have striven their entire life to do their best and just want to be rewarded, similar to the band itself.

  Another song, “So Close So far”, is based on a television documentary on the war in Iraq, and tries to put into perspective for Americans what a soldier far away over seas feels being away from his loved one, and how painful it is. The album Fornever has reminded Hoobastank what originally motivated them when they began their career. Chris states “I’m more excited and proud than I’ve been since our first album.” They all seem very satisfied with the latest album.