A Homecoming Week in Review

Front Page Editor - Hayley Rovito

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Homecoming Week was a highly anticipated event among Pitman’s student body. The week promised many fun activities and a chance to show our pride. As the week approached, many rumors went around campus about the activities, the nominees, and most of all: the game. When Monday finally came around, the students were entertained with Homecoming announcements that reveled all that the week had in store. It began with a spirit parade, the Great Race, Clone Day, and Homecoming King and Queen voting.
  To kick off Homecoming Week, students were treated to a Spirit Parade. This parade was Pitman’s first and hopefully not its last. The band, with the help of our cheerleaders and color guard, brought out the pride in all of us. They marched around the quad playing various songs, and the cheerleaders cheered during throughout the entire lunch period. The parade was a great way to start off the week and left us waiting for more.
   On Wednesday, the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, along with the teachers, chose four students to represent them. The teams of four then competed in the Great Race, which was a series of obstacles placed around the quad, which took place during lunch. To begin the race, teams of two pushed each other on bikes and then passed their vehicles off to their partners. The senior class took first place, followed by the teachers. The race was a great activity, even for those who didn’t participate.
   Thursday brought us more clones than we could keep track of. There were large groups, small groups and everything in-between. We saw people with matching outfits, shirts, and socks. Students gathered large groups of friends and teammates to compete in our lunch time competition. The groups were judged based on creativity, sameness, and the amount of people. Many students participated on this day and it was interesting to see so many people look alike for a day.
   During lunch, all grade levels voted for Homecoming King and Queen. The nominees for Queen were: Jasmine Bains, Vanessa Bravo, Natalie Carrillo, Brenda Garcia, Kaila Jantz, Karina Maldonado, Maci Murdock, and Deztinee Perez. The King nominees were: Derrick Avila, Ray Davis, Frank Finch, Lucas Giron, Jordan Gleason, Paul Medina and Caleb Wittstruck. The voting lasted two days and the results of king were announced at the rally.
    The week ended with a spirit rally. The rally consisted of a performance by our Varsity cheerleaders, the band and color guard performance and, of course, the introduction of our nominees and crowning of the king. After much suspense, Frank Finch, and Lucas Giron were both crowned Prince and Ray Davis was crowned our 2010 Homecoming King.
   Later that night, Pitman’s Varsity Team played Davis’ Varsity team. But, before Varsity got a chance to play, our freshman teams played Big Valley, winning the game with a score of 34 to 16 .The stands were packed with spectators.
  During half-time, all of our cheerleading teams performed a dance together and after their performance, the Homecoming Queen Nominees were announced. The girls were escorted down the field by their fathers. Deztinee Perez and Vanessa Bravo were both crowned princesses.  Karina Maldonado was crowned 2010 Homecoming Queen. The band, color guard, and cheer team then performed together for the first time this year. They were followed by a drama performance, in which Pitman’s drama club performed “The Safety Dance”. Pitman won with a score of 47-7.

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A Homecoming Week in Review