Pitman ASB Wraps Up A Successful Year

Hayley Rovito, Front Page Editor

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   Pitman’s ASB is the reason why so many rallies and lunch time activities took place throughout this year. They plan, organize, and host these events; this takes a lot of planning and time. ASB is a great thing to be a part of and is very rewarding.

  This school year, ASB has put on three rallies and numerous lunch time activities. They worked very hard to plan the Homecoming Rally, making countless posters and decorating the gym. This rally was one of the most memorable for PHS students. ASB also planned Homecoming week. This week’s activities consisted of a pie-eating contest and an obstacle course. The week also included many dress up days.

  ABS also planned the Pitman’s Got Talent rally. This wasn’t so much a rally as it was a talent show. It gave many PHS students a chance to show off their talent.

  The December lunchtime actives consisted of an ugly sweater contest where students could wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters and win a prize. This contest was a favorite among the students. ASB also organized a game were students were to unwrap as many “presents” as possible and one box contained a gift card.

  Another event that they planned was the springtime lunch activities. In March they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, they placed papers around the school with leprechauns on them. If you found one you would win a prize. They also had games at lunch; one of the games was a Lucky Charms marshmallow toss. Students were to get a partner and while one partner picked ten lucky charm marshmallows out of the bowl, the other person was to catch them. In April, they celebrated Spring break by having an egg hunt in the quad and an egg toss which was very exciting.  

  The final event, the outdoor carnival was scheduled for May 17. The rainy weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of students competing in outdoor, Hawaiian-themed games. Hopefully, the accomplishments of ASB this year will carry over to next year’s senior class.

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Pitman ASB Wraps Up A Successful Year