Pitman 2012 Wrestling Season Concludes with Success

Jagjit Johal, Staff Writer (10)

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As the season for the Pitman High wrestlers came to an end, the team had one final practice before the league tournament, which was set on the 10th of February.

Head coach Vasconcellos yelled,” This is it! This is what you have worked for all season long!”

The team was determined to give forth all their effort into the league tournament. So they decided to listen to what the coach said and hustled.

Assistant coach Vincent said, “Varsity, if you want to win, you have to work harder, this is where it all starts in your road to victory!”

Finally, it was Friday, the day of the tournament. The Pitman High wrestlers arrived at Pitman High School at 6:00 a.m. along with their equipment, which was to be returned to coach Wolfley. All of the wrestlers quickly crammed inside the bus eager to be placed in the upcoming tournament.

Some wrestlers like Kyle Mello had no worries about making weight because he was 6 pounds under his weight class, while others struggled to lose a pound to drop down a weight class.

Junior Eric Ruezga was focused on one thing, dropping down to 126’s. He was slightly overweight. But that didn’t come in his way and bring him down. He put his foot down and lost an incredible amount of 5 pounds in a short time of 2 hours!

Eric wasn’t the only wrestler who had to lose weight before the tournament began. Sophomore Gabriel Vega had to lose an overwhelming amount of eight pounds! So, as soon as the wrestling team reached Buhach Colony, Gabe quickly began running with his Pitman sweats, and hoodie. He ran for a straight hour!

Weigh-ins were scheduled at 11:00 a.m., Vince told both Gabe and Eric to pick up the pace if they want to make it to their desired weight class.

As weigh ins were finally here, Gabe and Eric relaxed and took a break being very exhausted due to their tough workout.

The head announcer on stage said.” Weigh ins will begin shortly and we will call you in according to your previous weight classes.”

Beginning on the lightest weight class, which is 106 pounds, Kyle Mello and Heydon Mattox walked outside to be weighed. A quick minute later, 113’s were called, then 120’s. Slowly but surely the weight classes were called in groups of three. Finally it was Eric Ruezga’s turn; he slowly walked outside to be weighed in. A nerve wrecking 10 minutes was passed. As he walked in, still very exhausted, he informed the team that he passed and was officially in the 126 weight category.

Now it was time for Gabriel Vega. The announcer called out his name to be reported. Gabriel also passed and was lowered down to 154’s.

The team practiced hard for an hour before the tournament began. As the Pitman High School wrestlers came back to the bleachers, the tournament began rather quickly. Kyle Mello was up first for the Pitman High team, and returned with a victory.

The tournament lasted the entire day, about 10 hours. Many of the Pitman High wrestlers have placed in the tournament.

Proud brothers, Kyle and Logan Martinez have both earned a 1st place medal in honor of their hard work and dedication.

The tournament was finally over, and Coach Wolfley was asking every wrestler to return their equipment. Now the wrestlers were to be escorted to Pitman High in the bus they were brought in.

The 2012 wrestling season was now over for most players, except for the varsity players that have placed. The wrestlers that placed in the league tournament move onto masters and then state championships.

It was a great season for the Pride and they will be sure to strike back harder next season.

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Pitman 2012 Wrestling Season Concludes with Success