How to Ask Someone to Prom

Jocelyn De La Torre (12), Staff Writer

The end of the school year can be a stressful time for a plethora high school students but one thing that many look forward to is prom. When people hear the word ‘prom’, some of the first things that come to mind are sparkly dresses, sleek suit and ties, limos, corsages, the list is endless. Before dancing under the starry night however, one of the most important tasks for some students is asking someone to be their date for prom.

More often than not, people use the same ideas to ask that special someone to prom but after a while, those recycled ideas become bland. It may be difficult to come up with an original way of asking someone to prom, but with a little creativity and imagination, that special someone is sure to say yes to your thoughtful proposal. High school students may lack originality when it comes to asking someone to such an event but proper research will assist them in coming up with a game plan. Both males and females can use simple tactics to pose the question, but incorporating things such as movie, song and book quotes/references can add a punch of creativity and uniqueness to their ‘promposal.’

Promposals can be divided into categories including – but not limited to – food, puns, animals, sports, puzzles/treasure hunts, ‘nerdy’ themed and plain old ‘romantic’ themed promposals. These promposals have varied from Star Wars, heart-shaped pizzas, to sappy quotes from The Fault in Our Stars. An example of a clever promposal is to get a deck of fifty-two cards, write a special message on each card, and title it ’52 Reasons Why you Should Come to Prom With Me.’ An idea like that is one that is deserving of a ‘yes’ because it is simple, yet thoughtful all at once. Asking someone to prom does not have to be extravagant as stated in Olivia Feming’s Daily Mail article in which she compares some flashy promposals to “mimic marriage proposals without the lifelong commitment.” Asking someone to prom does not have to be grand but thought and care should be put forth into such a proposal since prom is a rare occasion.  According to Doree Lewak’s New York Post article, gone are the days of “shuffling up to someone’s locker and shyly asking them to prom.” This simple gesture is being replaced by “grand and wildly dramatic” promposals in Lewak’s perspective.

In the past, Pitman students have gone ‘all out’ in asking others to be their date to prom. From plastering huge signs on the B building, creating their intended date’s car into a work of art with the question ‘Prom?’ on it, to classic cupcake/candy themed promposals, students here at Pitman know how to pose this proposal in a way that is original yet sugar sweet.

Asking anyone to prom can be a challenge but once it is completed the reward is great. The most important thing in any promposal is to make it fun and unique because it is an experience you will not forget whether you are the one asking or you are the one being asked.