Earthling: You, Me, and Everything In Between


Amanjot Bains (12th), Reporter

An earthling is defined as one who inhabits the earth. So by definition, everyone on earth is an earthling, without specification of gender, race, or species. If everyone is an earthling, then everyone should be considered equal. Right?

Except everyone is not considered equal. This is quite obvious to even the youngest of minds. We treat animals like they are below us, like they are something to be owned, tortured, killed, eaten by humans.

Why do we humans feel that we are above all else, that we have a right over everything?

Some people might truly care about animals but sometimes their own interests outweigh the care they have for animals.

The thought of having a pet is great. But the documentary Earthlings shows the dark side to the creation of the pet. Backyard operations with filthy conditions are how most puppies are brought into this world. Once animals are even taken in as pets, 25 million of them become homeless every year. Sixteen million of those are killed in pounds because there’s no room for them.

Earthlings shows the brutal ways animals are treated and killed for human purposes. Cows, pigs, chickens are hung upside down and let to painfully bleed to death.

Kosher meat, which requires minimal suffering of the animal and the method deemed the most clean, does not put the animal through minimal suffering as shown in the documentary. The narrator questions the legitimacy of animal protection laws as well the viewers

The grotesqueness of the documentary is enough to make a person feel sick. (I speak from experience. I cried for a straight hour while watching this.) This is a documentary not meant for young children. It is meant for someone who is ready to see the truth.

Some people will argue that this documentary is biased, and that may be true, but that does not change the basic truth that is being portrayed in this documentary. Using animals as pets, food, or clothing are all forms of animal cruelty. Even though it is indirect for most of us, we are all committing a crime against nature.

I have been a vegetarian for the past five years now and I was never completely sure if I was truly content with my decision. Until now. After watching Earthlings, I am so happy that I became a vegetarian and relieved that I stuck with it this whole time.

I am not saying that everyone should watch this documentary and become a vegetarian. But it really is an eye-opening documentary and I highly recommend watching it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually become a vegetarian.