Standing Tall with his Wall


Adrian Rodriguez (12th), Reporter

Since the beginning, even before he was president elect Donald Trump has shown the entire world his feeling towards immigrants of all kinds. His first victims were the Hispanics, after calling all immigrants from Mexico “drug dealers, rapists, and murderers”.

Since the public revealing of his words to the general public, Hispanics have not taken a liking to any actions done by the United States President. Through his words and threats of taking away all immigrant help that was set up by former president Barack Obama, our nation’s leader has put a solid feeling of terror into hispanic immigrants.

At the beginning of all the talk, many were not scared by his threats, they believed it was a bluff as usual made by many presidents every time they get elected into office. The hiring of 10,000 border patrol and immigration officers sure changed many perspectives.

Programs such as DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the Dreamers Act are in constant battle to keep themselves aboard in the United States. Many protesters, leaders, workers, and locals are doing everything in their power to help the situation but it has seen better days. Lawyers for immigrants have recently stated that the programs could be shut down at any given moment, all coming down to the choices of the Senate.

Every election always talks about immigration, whether helping it out or destroying all help in order to get all immigrants of the States. Immigrants always keep watch for this as it is crucial for them. Some have been waiting here to fix and obtain residency, meanwhile other just come to make some money to send back to their families in Mexico. Every situation has given them a spook but not as bad as this year.

President Trump announced early in January that he would indeed keep his word and created a newer and better border wall, having Mexico pay for it to keep out all the “bad hombres”(though all mexican government officials have all clearly stated they would not). Even the general public was against it and this was clearly shown during the Super Bowl commercial stating that the world needed and was better with diversity.

Lumber 84’s commercial was probably the most sentimental and controversial of all the commercials.(FOX had previously denied to air because of its controversy) It depicted a mother and her young daughter leaving their village and battling all hardships of the roads toward the border wall meanwhile it is being constructed. As they finally reach, the mother is devastated to see no way across, the daughter then hands her an american flag she created from collecting rags from their journey. They soon find a ginormous gate of lumber and as they open it a quoted is shown “The will to succeed is always welcomed here”.

Of course it was so controversial, while on air it only showed half then told the audience to go to a link to see the rest. So many went to it immediately that the website crashed. Though with all the sentiment being shown, president Trump has shown no mercy to immigrants,

As of lately, President Trump has put a tighter grip on immigration than most presidents have ever done. Deportations for those who have crimes committed or that were or deportation leave have already commenced. Locally, in Modesto, Ceres, and Turlock ICE agents have been roaming and taking many away. This is only the beginning of what many have feared since the beginning of the 2016 election.