The News of the Pride

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The News of the Pride

Tyler Davis (12th), Reporter

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Over the years the announcements at Pitman High School have provided the students with information about school events and laughter from sketch comedy routinely every week. Recently though the announcements have felt a bit lacking in both departments this year.

This could be due to the regularity of the announcements from in the past compared to this year. Last year the announcements were daily or every other day depending on the circumstances. But this year the announcements struggled to find their place amid the new schedule brought upon by Pride Time.

It is in no way fully the fault of Pride Time that these scheduling conflictions occurred, it simply was the beginning of the problem. The real problem for the schedule was simply figuring out where to put everything in this new timetable, especially the announcements.

In the past few years the announcements have been hosted during the end of third period, it was really the best time to fit it into the schedule considering the longer length of time that third period used to span. But this year there were a few scheduling conflictions regarding, well everything, because of the introduction of Pride Time into the school’s timetable.

Pride Time was promoted as a way to help struggling students with work or reward the advanced students with enrichment courses and very few people were willing to give up time from any period to display the announcements for a minutes when those minutes could be spent on academics.

Some considerable amount of time past into this school year before it was decided that the announcements would be held during the home room period held every week on Monday. It seems to be that many people would agree that this decision was not for the best.

With this change the announcements would be aired weekly but with nearly the same amount of screen time that they normally had in the past. Due to the nature of these new announcements there is now less information about school events and activities being spread to the student body.

It’s like a news show being told that they will only have one segment airing per week because the network had to make room for this brand new series. On top of that the show is being limited to 6 minutes of screen time where they have to report on all of the news that happened since the last show, cram in a shout out for all of the upcoming events, and throw in a comedy sketch to top it all off.
The kicker is that the viewers are supposed to understand everything that was just thrown their way in six minutes or less and if they want to know more well then they are out of luck.

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