Yet Another Email Controversy…



Vice President Mike Pence pauses while speaking before administering the oath of office to Energy Secretary Rick Perry, left, Thursday, March 2, 2017, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

In what seems reminiscent of the infamous Hillary Clinton private email scandal, a public records request has shown that Vice President Mike Pence had used a private AOL email account while Governor of Indiana. This report not only shows that he discussed information such as the arrest of terrorists, but also shows that the email was in fact compromised as well.

When the request was filed, 29 pages of emails were released to the public. However, many other “confidential or sensitive” emails were blocked.

Under Indiana law, private email accounts can be used, as long as they correspond with proper archiving due to the enactment of public records. Though it’s commonly known that a government email is much more secure and follows the archiving, Pence used a private email connected to AOL.

This email was compromised last year, when a scammer gained access to the email. The scammer, claiming to be Pence, sent emails to all contacts claiming he was Pence and asked for money, saying “he” and his wife were stranded in the Philippines. There is no certainty if the scammer read any emails that were sent or received, but they were available. Pence found out and sent out an email apologizing, then went and created a new AOL.

Many claim that Pence is no different than Clinton. Even though there is similarities, there are some stark contrasts as well.

What Clinton did was illegal. She lied about handling classified information when questioned by Congress, and she had a private email server that wasn’t allowed. What Pence did was, again, totally legal.

However, according to Corey Nachreiner, a security expert, there is probably no difference between the security of a private AOL email, and Clinton’s private email server.

Both Clinton and Pence were reckless in what they did, but Pence was doing what numerous other Governors, as well as the Bush administration, did as well.

Recently, there has been a photo floating around social media of Hillary Clinton reading about the hack on Vice President Mike Pence’s emails. People are taking the picture of Clinton and making memes about it.

Nobody is safe in today’s world. Everyone seems to be getting hacked especially on AOL accounts. The scariest thing is that people that are getting their phones hacked don’t even know it until important information is put out there.

However, Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton are not the first ones to get hacked by using their personal emails for business.