Buff Ball 2017

Madelyn Valenzuela (12th), Reporter

There was a Pitman volleyball game held this past Friday. Wait, isn’t volleyball over? Yes, but it’s not girls volleyball, it’s actually a game for boys called Buff Ball, for junior and senior boys.

This isn’t the first time Pitman has switched up the sports. For a while, Pitman has put on a Powder Puff game where girls play football and the guys are the cheerleaders. The fans are interested in the game while making fun of their friends. Powder Puff was cancelled this year due to an unfortunate circumstance but will continue to carry on in upcoming years.

There’s no doubt that the Pit Crew was filled with cheering fans and friends of the players. This is the most stressful time of the year so it was nice for students to be able to hang out and have a fun night before the Prom in San Francisco.

The boys were coached by the Varsity volleyball team. The junior girls took the junior boys and senior girls took the senior boys.

In an interview with Chris Martinez (senior), he said, “I thought it was going to be a much easier game and I thought it was going to end in a 3-0 win in favor of the seniors.”

Seniors took the win after five intense games. Both teams obviously worked their hardest but one had to come out on top. And who better than the seniors?!

Sonny Uppal, junior, said, “Our game plan was to get the seniors tired and show them that numbers don’t really matter, considering that we only had 9 compared to their 20.”

Uppal and the rest of his junior team took a while to get used to playing this sport but as the night went on, they got the hang of it and battled as a team.

Martinez also said, “I was surprised at how close the game was because I wasn’t expecting it to go to five games but we pulled through and won.”

Considering Powder Puff has been a recurring event, maybe the juniors will have a chance to redeem themselves next year.